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I have known Carol through her work for more than 12 years. Her approach to working with parents and children from diverse cultural and social back grounds is a great combination of teaching, counseling, and coaching. Carol has very strong professional skills, but she is also really able to connect with others on a human level. She spends time listening to really understand what people are looking for. Carol’s warmth and sensitivity make everyone she works with instantly feel respected and supported. Carol is great in helping individuals and families make genuine concrete changes in their everyday lives, to overcome the obstacles they are facing. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Yoko H. August 3, 2014 via

Licensed Clinical Social Worker at the Victims of Violence (VoV) Program, Cambridge MA

Yoko is a long-time colleague and former co-worker at the VoV Program in MA

Carol has unique life experience and extensive work history with individuals needing advocacy. She has an ability to connect with individuals needing help, courts and systems, and mid-level organizations and non-profits. She's kind, connecting, brave, and has a skill with both addressing global problems and focusing on specific details and tasks.

I worked with Carol at the Violence Intervention Program, a mental health agency in East Los Angeles. She was a supportive and caring colleague, helped bring about change at the organization, and was a consistent leader in maintaining productivity. I've learned a great deal from Carol about how to engage with clients, and about global needs re: human trafficking and victims of complex trauma.


Susette Magana, July 23 2014 via and October 9, 2012 via Linked-In

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Seal Beach, CA

Susette is a colleague and former co-worker at Violence Intervention Program, Los Angeles.

Carol has been a mentor, supervisor and teacher to me over the past six years since I first met her. I worked with her as a general intern and then specifically coordinating events, which were all incredibly rewarding experiences. There are few people who have a quick, practical and honest understanding of social issues throughout the spectrum like Carol does. Carol is an excellent colleague, passionate activist and wonderful person to work with and I am very lucky to know her!

Rodela Khan, August 29, 2011 via Linked-In
Public Health Doctoral Candidate

Rodela reported to Carol J. at MataHari: Eye of the Day

....Carol is a passionate and inspirational colleague, dedicated to social justice. Through her work as the head of Matahari, she modeled leadership that was inclusive and diverse. She is an excellent teacher and listener.


Carly Burton, February 19, 2014 via Linked-In

Experienced non-profit leader, public policy analyst and advocate, grief counselor

Carly worked directly with Carol at MataHari: Eye of the Day

Kindness, patience, compassion and insightfulness are the strengths I see in Carol.

She has the best interest for her clients, helping them above and beyond what duty requires.

I would unreservedly recommend her as a consultant and coach.


Lili Liew, July 29, 2014 via

Certified Life Coach, Licensed and Registered Counselor (Malaysia), Licensed Physical Therapist (Malaysia)

Lili is a life and wellness coach and colleague in greater Los Angeles and Malaysia.

I’ve known Carol for the last three years, although it may seem short but working with her for about two years.

I had the opportunity to get to know her passion and commitment for the community’s wellbeing as well as her strong sense of advocacy. Carol is a person who believes in fairness, justice and peace.

She has extensive life experiences which allows her to have different perspectives and the courage to carry her missions.

I am positive about the changes she will bring to our world !

Lilian H., August 3, 2014 via

Training Consultant at Triple P, Intl. Pty Ltd.

Lilian worked directly with Carol at Violence Intervention Program, Los Angeles

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